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Sky High Group Ltd is the most respected property company in the Gambia. We have professional consultants with over 10 years experience in developing real estate. This ensures you have the right advice to make the correct decisions saving you time and money.

The reasons for our continued success include:

  1. Professional and expert advice on all property matters.
  2. We always ensure the customer comes first.
    We offer a fully tailored service which allows our clients to match their exact needs.
  3. We offer the highest standard of construction (exceeding all applicable building regulations) using innovative materials to allow us to design and construct your perfect, low maintenance property.
  4. We offer a full end to end service from land acquisition, architectural design and construction to Property Sales, rentals and maintenance

Please give us a call during office hours on 4390390 or call our mobiles 3444610 / 3444618.

We have experienced consultants who are available to answer any questions about the services we offer.

New Estates

Sanyang Estate
Click here for more details


4 bedroom Luxury
Selling price : D 4 000 000
Living space : 250 m²
Land space : 450 m²
Advantages : School,Mosque,Beach Nearby
Brufut Gardens
Selling price : D 2 700 000